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Don’t Hibernate! Stay Active This Winter! + free indoor cardio workout!

Don’t Hibernate! Stay Active During Cold Weather!

It’s starting to get cold outside! Winter weather can often really test our will power to get out the door for a workout. After all, who likes to dressing in layers to go for a run, or risk slipping on ice when out for a walk? Even heating up the car early in the morning to get to the gym for your favorite class can be tough!  Although you may want to stay in your warm bed, winter shouldn’t be a time that your fitness plans hibernate (especially with all of those holiday treats around!) With the right frame of mind and the right mix of exercises, it can be much easier to beat the winter blues and keep your exercise plan on track. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your winter workouts!

#1 Change your attitude. Winter isn’t just about cold weather, it’s a whole new season! Embrace this time of year by sitting down and revisiting your goals, then plan out what you’d like to accomplish during the next few months.
#2 Get creative at home. Getting to the gym can be more difficult when it is cold and nasty outside, but never use snowy weather as an excuse to miss your daily exercise. Instead, work out at home. Whether you play a DVD workout, invest in a few pieces of fitness equipment or even just use your body weight for a great workout, exercising at home can be a convenient (and fun!) solution to staying on track.

#3  Try something new. Sign up for a new class or join an indoor sports league such as soccer, indoor volleyball or a boot camp class to get you up and moving during the winter months!

#4  Set a big goal—and some little goals. If you find yourself lacking motivation this winter, shake things up with a challenging, new goal. It can be anything from losing those last 5-10 pounds, to running a 5K or even being able to do a few pull/push ups. Just make sure you choose a goal that you really want and that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone to reach it. Setting a smart goal that you then break down into smaller, achievable steps is a great way to start. This type of goal-setting allows you to focus on the bigger picture.

#5  Get excited. If you’ve never been a winter fan, start focusing on what you do love about it and how this time of year provides new opportunities for your fitness and health. From eating delicious in-season produce to sipping some sugar-free hot cocoa with your loved ones, there is much to love about winter when you embrace and appreciate it!!


In case you were curious, here are a few of the healthy in-season produce to stock up on:


Winter Squash

Brussles Sprouts







Sweet Potatoes


Stuck indoors?  Try this in door cardio workout, no gym or equipment needed 😉

Tips: Perform each circuit 3 total times.  For example, 3 x 1 minute walking push ups/1 minute jumping jacks/ 1 minute plank/30 second rest.  You would perform 1 minute of walking push ups, immediately followed by 1 minute of jumping jacks, immediately followed by a 1 minute plank, then rest for 30 seconds.  After the rest is up, you repeat exactly what you did above, two more times total.


  • Warm up Circuit: 3 x 1 minute running in place /1 minute Clapping Jacks/15 second rest
  • Cardio Explosion Circuit: 3 x 1 minute tuck jumps /1 minute walkouts /1 minute squat twists (squat with a twist at the top) /30 second rest
  • Power Cardio Circuit: 3 x 1 Walking Push ups(walkouts)/1 minute Up/Down Planks/2 minutesLunge Kicks(just do a stationary lunge then a kick at the end) /30 second rest
  • Speed Cardio Circuit: 3 x 30 second Burpees/2 minutes  Speed Squats(super fast air squats) /1 minute Mountain Climbers/ 45 second rest
  • Cardio Explosion Circuit:  3 x 1 minute tuck jumps /1 minute walkouts (you can do these on the wall if needed) /1 minute Squat Twists/30 second rest
  • Speed Cardio Circuit: 3 x 2 minute  Side Shuffles(or side to sides in place) /1 minutefrankenstien walk(or standing in place, just stand tall, holding your arms out straight, try to walk/or walk in place touching your feet to your hands alternating legs)/30 seconds High Knees


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