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When I first met Terri I remember telling her I just wanted to “tone up.” Wow did I get so much more!! I had three personal trainers previously and even though I saw changes here and there, I’d quickly fall back into my normal patterns. Terri took the time to EDUCATE me about nutrition and weight training (as oppose to my previous cardio obsessed self!) She has transformed my physique into something I never thought possible. I became so motivated and pleased with my results that I decide to compete in my first bikini competition and placed 3rd! I am so thankful for her patience and guidance (and her yummy recipes and clean treats she often shares!) She truly cares for her clients and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and friend. Love you Terri T!
~Megan, Shreveport LA

As a vegan I sometimes worry I am not always consuming the necessary nutrients that non-vegans are getting with meat and dairy. With Terri’s diet plans I have been able to achieve a balanced vegan diet that is tailored to my specific needs and preferences. Her diets have introduced me to foods that I would never have found on my own. Her detailed diet and workout plans are easy to follow and have helped me to lose weight and leave me feeling positive about what I put in my body.
~Kelsey, Virginia Beach VA

I have trained with Terri for a few years now. On our 1st meeting she instantly made me feel at ease and I was comfortable to train in the professional and intimate one on one atmosphere she had set up. She takes an interest in her client’s personal lives and encourages our growth in other areas. I will continue to train with Terri because she has had a positive impact on my self confidence and I value her professional insight. My body continues to improve as she is always challenging me with intense workouts. I highly recommend Terri as a trainer. She is a great person and a beast of a trainer!
~Kalah, Bossier City LA

Physical Fitness was never a huge part of my life until I met Terri Turner. As a young child, 3 yrs old, I started to take dance lessons and danced through high school. In this aspect I was fit and thinner. However after high school I stopped dancing and began gaining weight and became unhappy with my body and health. Joined the gym and hired a personal trainer, Terri Turner. Terri is a wonderful trainer that inspires her clients and pushes them to show them what they can do. She helped me start eating better, lifting weights, building muscle, running and becoming a better me. Terri was able to motivate and inspire me to keep pushing to reach my goal. She was patient with me when I hit a physical or emotional wall but never let me give up on myself. This change I had made in my life got me to go from a size 14 when I started to a size 10 by the time I had to stop training with her as well as helping me make it through my very first marathon! She was such an inspiration to me and I was sad when I could no longer train with her anymore. It took me years to find another personal trainer that could motivate me and push me as Terri did with her inspiration and workout routines. Thank You Terri for helping me get on the right track with my physical fitness and with continuing to be an inspiration and confidant.
~Liz, San Antonio TX

I’ve been training with Terri Turner for four years. When i started my weight had ballooned out of control and i was a severe diabetic. Currently, I’m 50lbs lighter and my diabetic readings stay in the normal range. i am now a body building competitor in the senior division and I’m running 5k’s every week. Thanks Terri!!!
~Walter, Jefferson TX

Terri was my personal trainer for about four years. During that that time she helped me with my diet regime and upper body toning. She has excellent skills and improved my overall energy level greatly. She improved my overall gym workout skills to maximize time and I was able to control my weight. I would highly recommend her because she is a true professional in her field.
~Lawrence, Dallas TX

Terri’s been training me for two years. I’ve had other trainers before but Terri is by far the best! She has motivated me to work harder and get out of my “comfort zone”. She always has new exercises to add to keep the workouts challenging and fun. Her wealth of knowledge in nutrition, competition prep, suits, posing and hair/makeup helped me to prep for my first bikini competition. She has become not only my trainer but a great friend and is always there to listen with a positive attitude! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to change their physique, improve their diet and lead a healthier lifestyle!
~Moria, Bossier City LA

I started using Terri about 3 years ago and at that time I thought the only way to stay in shape was being a cardio queen and eating fish. Terri taught me proper nutrition and balance w/exercise. She’s always been available for questions and advice. She has totally helped me transform my body and stay consistent w/a healthy lifestyle. I love the way I look at 47!!
~Melissa, Bossier City LA

Terri has helped me and my husband lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, she has helped me figure out my food allergies and always tailored a diet to fit my needs. After injuring my knee, she was still able to give me a work out plan that was tailored around my injury, along with some words of advice. I always look forward to getting a new diet/work out plan. Terri puts a lot of time and effort into each of her clients, and she really loves what she does.
~Brittney, Lake Charles LA

The experience I received training with Terri was life changing! Her training sessions pushed me to my full potential, and she taught me everything I needed to know to be successful in the gym. The diet she had me follow was strict but taught me self-control and discipline! Training for my figure competitions would not have been the same experience if I had not had Terri as my trainer along the way. With her experience, guidance, and motivation she put me in the best physical and mental shape of my life! Her positive attitude always kept me motivated and my love of fitness is still as strong as it was three years ago when I first started training with her. Thank you Terri!
~Kristen, Shreveport LA

Terri has been my trainer for several years, and recently became my husband’s trainer as well! She is definitely amazing!!! Terri is a wealth of knowledge for diet nutrition, weight training and competition training. She has a great attitude, a positive personality, and is a great inspiration! She has certainly played a key role in the positive changes we have made in our weight training lifestyle and nutritional choices. She has been my trainer, but also has become a great friend. She has always believed in me even when I doubted myself! I can’t thank her enough for all the benefits the changes and choices I have made will make!!!!
~Shannon & Mike, Benton LA

When I got engaged on New Years Eve of 2011, the first thing I thought of was that I needed a personal trainer. I noticed a friend who posted pictures of her fitness success, and when I asked who she used, she referred me to Terri. I got ahold of Terri immediately, spoke with her that day, and had my first session 3 days later. She is passionate about her work, and even more about her clients. I have lost weight and toned up like I never thought was possible. She is a great person and role model, and AWESOME at what she does!! Wouldn’t go to anybody else if you paid me!
~Christina, Shreveport LA

Motivation, Inspiration, and RESULTS is what Terri Turner can do for you because that is exactly what she did for me! I am a NPC figure competitor and with Terri’s competition diets and workouts i was able to be stage ready for ever show and proud to say I have been blessed to do well in every show I have competed in. Whether your just starting out on your fitness journey or a competitor looking to be stage ready, Terri Turner can help you accomplish your goals!
~Lacey, Bossier City LA